Quick LC Pepperoni Plate

July 18, 2012

Yes, I know yet again I haven’t made a post in a few days.  I’ve been working on a couple of recipes (some quite successful, others. .. let’s not talk about it!) and I have one that I’d like to share.  I’m sure there are those in the LC community that have put out similar recipes, but I wanted to share my own that has worked out quite well.

If there’s one thing I love, that is the ooey gooey pizza covered in a delicious variety of toppings.  Unfortunately crust is a no-no for me and no matter what I try, I’m never satisfied with the LC crusts.  I enjoy the cauliflower crust, cheese crust, and even using LC wraps and tortillas, but sometimes the tastes just aren’t what I was hoping for.  One day I realized what I wanted most of all was just a pizza taste, not necessarily the crust.  So this little baby came up as a way to enjoy my toppings without worry about a crust.  It’s not much different from a pizza bowl, though this has way less toppings for the sake of cooking time.

I came up with this after one very depressing dinner a few nights ago.  After a quick stop at the store, buying myself the toppings to make a pizza on a LC wrap, I picked up two pepperoni pizzas for the family.  The smell was driving me mad as I was heading home and all I could think is “well it’s a little sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.  I’ll just eat some toppings and save the other stuff for later.”  If I had only known how carby those toppings were beforehand.

Dinner time came and I scraped the sauce, cheese, and pepperoni off of three slices.  I ate them happily but by the time I was done with the third, I realized I was still hungry.  So I ate some lettuce and sometime later we had dessert, which I had no sugar added ice cream (6g net carbs per 1/2 cup OH YEAH!).  Then I went to the net to figure out how close I was to my carb limit.  Oh boy, I was really close. . .after eating just the pizza alone!  The toppings off of three pepperoni pizzas was a whopping 9 carbs!  Why is that a huge deall?  Well, for 9 carbs I could have made a pizza bowl with extra toppings and big enough to split into two meals!    After this meal, I had to do some thinking.  Here is the result!


Quick LC Pepperoni Pizza Plate

1/4 cup cheese

1-2 TBL pizza sauce

1 TBL parmesean

5-10 pepperonis

Other meat of choice or one veggie

Spoon pizza sauce on plate and sprinkle parmesan over the top.  Add mozarella, pepperoni, and other topping.  Nuke in microwave for 1 minute.  If cheese isn’t melted enough or pepperoni is too soft, nuke another 30 seconds.  Let cool for a minute or two and eat with a fork.

Serves 1 person.  Carbs= Less than 4g (amount may vary according to brands used and extra toppings)


Now if you’re wondering to yourself why I said ONE additional topping, here is why.  This is meant as a quick go-to meal.  If you’re short on time and just dying for some pepperoni pizza, this is satisfying enough.  Sometimes I make a double batch if I’m super hungry.  The extra toppings might require cooking prior to making the pizza plate.  Something like precooked bacon or another meat would work well.  You do NOT want to put raw ingredients on this (unless it’s a veggie I suppose).  Veggie toppings that are not precooked will make this soggy.  Be aware that this is greasy from the pepperoni.  You can blot the pepp’s dry with paper towel but I wouldn’t recommend rolling a sheet of paper towel over it.  The cheese will stick to it.  If you’re dying for a crust or something to put this on, you can throw some sliced zucchini on a grill and throw the toppings on it.  I do this sometimes so I can just pick it up and eat it.

The carb count for this really varies from what sauce you’re using to cheese and meats.  For the one I made, one serving was a little less than 4 carbs.  My mozzarella counted as less than one carb per serving so I rounded it off at one.  This is my go-to meal when my family orders pizza now.


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