About this Amused Elf

You probably stumbled here by accident, because no one comes here.  I mean NO ONE!  Well, except for me.  This place is all shiny and pretty so I stay here and stare at everything.  Well, ok I don’t just stay here and stare.  I like to cook, watch k-dramas, play video games, make 3-D stuff, read, and do many other things besides stare at the shiny.  My brain is a jumble of confusing and amusing thoughts.  You can probably tell by now.  I bet you’re frightened.  It’s ok, everybody is.

My name is Courtney, also known as Amused Elf.  I’m 27 and along with my dad, I take care of my disabled mother and brother.  Sometimes they’re a handful, but gosh darnit do I love those two nutballs.  Don’t worry, they’re not as nutty as me.  There’s only enough room for my amount of crazy.  Any more and our house would be busting at the seams.

I’m a former sugar and carb junkie who gave herself over to the dark side AKA low carbing.  Low carbing has been a part of my life for a couple of years, but I fell on and off the wagon so often that I look like I just got out of the Fight Club.  GASP!  I wasn’t suppose to say anything about the. . .nevermind!!!!  Silliness aside, I’ve been low carbing for four months and plan to be a low carber for the rest of my life.  Not because I want to diet, but as a type 2 diabetic I have to do this for myself.  I like being alive.  Being alive rocks!  So I want to stay that way.  🙂

What could I possibly talk about in this blog? Low carbing? Gaming? Computer stuff? Korean Dramas? Anime? Books? Movies and TV? How about all of the above? The crazy random ramblings of a low carbing nerd. Yes, that sounds appropriate.  Prepare for insanity. Keep your arms and legs in at all times. And I can’t believe I have to point this out, but your butt too. Nobody wants to see your buns, stop mooning everybody. Gosh. Sit back and enjoy the ride, it’s a doozy and might make you a little nauseous. Don’t throw up, everything in here is new! Quick, put on this rain poncho! Take this bucket too. Ok, I think you’re ready for the “low carbin’ nerd experience.” Enjoy! =)


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