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Happy 4th of July!

July 4, 2012

Don’t you love holidays where you’re expected to grill? I do, not that we always do it but if you’re not grilling on certain holidays, you feel like a bum. Today is July 4th, one of my favorite holidays just because of the mere amount of delicious grilled mischief you can get yourself into. Before I was diagnosed with diabetes, July 4th was my day of eating meats slathered in BBQ sauce, baked beans filled with bacony goodness, and all kinds of sweets that made my butt grow a little bigger with every spoonful. Ah, those were the days. . .

This year we’ll still have much of the same, except for the BBQ sauce and the baked beans will be left to my parents. As for sweets, they’re LC friendly and delicious. The menu changed from what I was guessing at two days ago, which saddens me but at least we’re going to have a great meal. Today was a pretty busy day at our local Wal-mart and as such, people were buying up the ribs, steaks, hamburger, etc. We didn’t get any ribs or hamburger, but we bought boneless chicken breasts and hot dogs. I’m not complaining! ūüôā

Today’s 4th of July menu consists of:

Nathan’s hot dogs

Sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms

Grilled chicken breasts seasoned with Chipotle-style Mrs. Dash

LC Coleslaw

Baked beans with bacon

LC Mini cheesecakes with fresh sliced strawberries

Breyer’s Carb Smart Ice Cream (if we want it. I’m sure we’ll be stuffed by then)

And soda soda soda! Only diet of course ūüôā

I was seriously not considering the ice cream today, only because there was no plan for it before I went to Wal-mart. After seeing the price, we HAD to get some! We came home with lots of LC treats and it’s been difficult not to delve into each one and try them out. Tonight I plan to eat, watch tv, and maybe play a little Diablo III and SWTOR. Then sleep like I’m a bear in hibernation. I hope everyone is having a great holiday and if you’re a LC’er, I hope you’re having a great LC friendly meal! ūüôā


Catching up on posts

June 18, 2012

The last couple of days have been kind of yuck for me, so there hasn’t been any posts. ¬†Today’s post is all about my wonderful trip to a certain low- price favorite. ¬†I decided to stop by Big Lots for a couple of spices, since most are $1 unless I’m buying something special. ¬†I walked around the aisles just to glance at anything nice that might catch my attention and of course, there was something! ¬†A while back I remember going on Netrition¬†and seeing Sugar Free Oreos. ¬†Can you imagine how elated I was? ¬†If there’s anything I’ve missed on a low carb diet, it’s Oreos. ¬†They were a little creme-filled heaven that I endlessly dunked in ice cold milk.

Unfortunately, they contain maltitol and are 6g net carbs per two cookies. ¬†Not a horrible amount, but who’s gonna stop at two cookies? ¬†It’s nice to know that Big Lots has started carrying them, but I imagine I will have to fight my inner cookieholic to keep from buying these little babies. ¬†It feels good to have not put them in my cart. ¬†The only remotely “snack” thing I bought was pickled cauliflower, which is too sour for me to eat. ¬†My mother told me she will gladly take care of the cauliflower. ¬†ūüôā ¬†Oh and sugar free raspberry gelatin mix. ¬†Plan to make this into something nuuuummy. ¬†Raspberry and I are best pals. ¬†Just hand me some sugar free raspberry lemonade and I’ll also be your best pal.

The only sugary buy was a bag of brownie mix that I made for my brother and father. ¬†I did sneak a tiny taste to make sure they were done. ¬†They were extremely sweet and that was about the only nice thing about them. ¬†The flavor was overwhelmed by the amount of sugar and the texture was grainy and the brownies seemed to be falling apart. ¬†That did not disparage my brother nor father. ¬†At least they enjoyed. ¬†I did buy myself a little prize. ¬†No no do not worry. ¬†This prize isn’t edible.

About a month ago my poor headset died on one side, so I’ve been listening to music with one ear since. ¬†It’s annoying, but I didn’t have the money to go fork out another $15-$20 for a new headset. ¬†My dad and brother have a habit of yanking and pulling the chair over the headset chord. ¬†Not long after the one side died, I saw my dad lunge for the phone with the headsets still planted to his ears. ¬†A pop sounded soon after. ¬†I guess I know how the one side broke! ¬†So I guess you can guess what I bought today?

Earlier in the month I went to Big Lots with my brother and spotted these bad boys. ¬†The pair I saw were $10 and today I spotted them again. ¬†Just as I went to grab them, a shiny pair of red wireless headphones caught my attention. ¬†They were $5 more and had a range of up to 100 ft. ¬†Really? ¬†I can walk to the bathroom listening to music?! ¬†Well ok I wouldn’t do that, but the look of these headphones really caught my eye. ¬†I decided to get the $15 headphones, which also have a built in AM/FM radio. ¬†Doesn’t that seem like an awesome deal? ¬†So how did these little red mammoth headphones turn out?
I do not have a picture of these yet, but the picture to the left is of a similar model. ¬†These are the Sentry HO775 and are red chrome and black. ¬†The emitter is the same shade of red and black. ¬†I noticed there is a mic on the emitter, but I do not have the cord to plug it in. ¬†So I can’t judge it’s quality yet. ¬†The sound quality on these leave something to be desired, but they’re ok for a temporary solution. ¬†I don’t regret the buy, but I won’t buy a pair of these again. ¬†Well, they work. ¬†The AM/FM radio is really sucky to work with and sometimes the signal goes out which listening to music on my computer. ¬†I’m a patient person, so that’s probably why I haven’t taken them back to Big Lots and asked for my money back. ¬†I like them despite their weirdness.

The headphones themselves take 2xAAA batteries and the emitter takes 2xAAA as well with a grand total of 4xAAA total ¬†just operate these things. ¬†If you can afford ones with a rechargeable battery, that’s probably a much more worthwhile buy. ¬†For those that have to buy cheap like me, not too bad of a deal if you can figure out how to use them. ¬†I’m still not 100% sure how to get the radio to work. ¬†Also, the up to 100ft is not even close to true. ¬†I made it to my kitchen sink and then heard opera music playing. ¬†The farthest I could walk was 5 feet and I lost the signal. ¬†A let down for sure, but it’s not like I need to walk far with these things.

Overall, I had a nice trip to Big Lots and got all but one item that I completely forgot about. ¬†I was a tad disappointed that they had moved the Bob’s Red Mill items to a much smaller area and had much less than last time. ¬†There was no golden flax seed and had an overwhelming amount of gluten-free baking mix. ¬†The only LC friendly items available were whole ground flaxseed and steel cut oats. ¬†Not bad, but neither are on my “must have” list (I already have ground flaxseed). ¬†I stocked up on some nice spices and saw they had curry spice. ¬†Perhaps on my next trip I’ll grab some. ¬†ūüôā



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