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Recipe Fail and My Reading Bonanza

July 11, 2012

Yeah, this is why you guys don’t have nice things to read. I’m spending my time reading nice things. *brain explosion*

I’ve spent a good part of the last few days reading my butt off and not coming up with delicious recipes to post. I know, shame on me! The only “new” thing I’ve made is strawberry fruit leather, which I will not be sharing the recipe for. Well, at least not yet. I’m in my trial and error phase. I figured after dehydrating strawberry slices I could certainly puree them and make something akin to no sugar added fruit rollups. Unfortunately, test 1 was a partial fail. It’s still yummy, but something that needs a lot of work.

My new favorite dish to make is Bulgogi, a Korean beef dish that is similar to other dishes I’ve tried. I thinly sliced some london broil, marinated for about 10 minutes (I had no more time!) and unlike the recipes I’ve seen online, I add gochujang to mine to make it spicy. I suppose it’s closer to Korean BBQ. Very delicious, especially on a grill. I slapped them puppies on my George Foreman, steamed up some cabbage leaves, and stuffed my face full of nummy food goodness. Yep, I said nummy. Don’t judge me.

If not for reading and the occasional demon butt stomping in Diablo 3, I probably would have gone insane by now. Or eaten myself into oblivion. When I’m bored, I get snacky. I still have my moments of boredom (like today) but books are keeping me from constantly reaching for something to nibble on. Today I’ve had maybe 3 or 4 pork rinds as a snack, but that’s about it. I love books. They’re such a good distraction.

Speaking of books. . .

Who is that adorable dork? Oh wai. . .that’s me! 😀

In my previous post I mentioned that a Terry Goodkind fan gave away a copy of The First Confessor that I just happen to win. I’m still reading through my prize. Don’t I look happy? Of course I do, I have The First Confessor, baby! It is wonderful, you just have no idea. Today I took the Kindle with me to read while I waited for my mom at Dialysis and you know something? I hate when I hit an emotional scene in a book and I’m out in public. Seriously , I want to cry but explaining to someone why I am crying over a book will make me look nuts. They probably cry over books too. Or television, people don’t seem to read much anymore. Shame on you peoples!

In all seriousness, if you’ve read TFC (or if you’re still reading it) and have read Isidore’s story, you may have shed a tear or two as well. That’s as far as I’ve made it and hopefully by tonight I’ll hit the half way point (I can sure zip through some pages when I want to). Once I’m done with TFC I plan to do some more reading.  The picture at the start of this post is my recent purchase of books, all acquired from a very nice used book store next to Tanger Outlet called Mr. K’s.  Note, the Warcraft graphic novel and Danielle Steel novel are not mine.  Chris claimed the graphic novel and the DS novel is for mom.  She needed a present. If I disappear again for a few days, don’t send out a search party.  Well, okay maybe you should.  I might be in a reading-induced coma.  🙂

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